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I am leaving this "dinosaur" site up, simply because it
has a lot of history.  Some of the links are broken, however all basic
career information is to be found here.
A new ETSY Shop gives us a format where all that is available
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I do a lot of commissions. If you see a painting here, or on ETSY, and
you want a special version in a larger size, or with accent on a particular color or colors, no problem.
Just call me at: 541 440-0002.

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Artist Dave Archer with large '90's work showing
dramatic 3D effect achieved by painting on glass

Of Artist

"Dave, you're one of us ..."
Patrick Stewart



"Cherry Bombs" - (21" X 15") $1,400.


"Cheshire Moon" (15" X 24") $1,600.


"Feathered Galaxy" (15" X 21") $1,400.

Phone: 541-440-0002

"Future Shock" - (18" X 21") $1,600.


"Playground" - (18" X 21") $1,700.


"Spiral" - (18" X 24") $1,700.



"Visionary Mirror" - (16" X 20") $1,400.
Full frame photo to show hand
painted decorative mat


"Alephlion" - (17" X 27") $1,700.


"Blue Wonders" - (22" X 32") $2,800.


"Conjunction" - (16" X 11") $1,000.


"Deep Traveler" - (17" X 27") $1,700.

Still Available

Call: 541-440-0002

"Next Door" - (32" X 8") $1,400.


"Rabbit Galaxy" - (21" X 15") $1,400.



"Wildfire" - (16" X 10") $1,000.


For over four decades, world renowned artist and inventor of electric painting, Dave Archer, has painted space art on “reverse glass” using his one million volt hand-held “brush” to both energize and influence water-based painted clouds in each of his space pieces. Archer has been celebrated on hundreds of television shows, including ––– Eye To Eye With Connie Chung ––– Australia’s, Beyond 2000 ––– Discovery Channel's, The Next Step, ––– and worldwide TV documentary ––– World's of Wonder. Archer’s work was used on television’s ––– Star Trek® ––– to decorate the Starship Enterprise on ––– The Next Generation ––– as well as Star Trek® movies ––– Star Trek® VI - The Undiscovered Country, and ––– Star Trek® Generations. The artist enjoyed a full pictorial in Omni Magazine, and was featured in National Geographic Magazine, and on book covers for among others: authors ––– Isaac Asimov, Larry Niven and Jack Vance ––– as well as featured in the Sunday comics in King Features: Ripley's Believe It Or Not. Worldwide shows include: The De Young Museum, San Francisco ––– AT&T World Headquarters in New York City ––– and the Hayden Planetarium in Central Park ––– Panasonic World Headquarters, Japan ––– the World Science Fiction Show, Chicago ––– the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago ––– The Omniversum, The Hague ––– the Planetarium - Brussels, Belgium, and ––– Spacefest 2008 with Apollo astronauts: Dr. Buzz Aldrin - Gene Cernan - Rusty Schweickart - Bruce McCandless - Alan Bean - and Edgar Mitchell ––– Star Trek® - The Movie - 2009 ––– Dave Archer contributed to comedian Steve Martin’s autobiography: Born Standing Up ––– Coyotel Road Show Tour of America - 12,000 Miles 2009 ––– Archer's work to be used in the upcoming Broadway play on the life of late friend, Janis Joplin (starring: Sophie B. Hawkins! - Opening in LA - October 2012)  ––– In 2015 Archer's work was used in Terminator Genysis staring Arnold Schwartznegger.


Archer's Federation Logo

––– Click to see Archer's
Star Trek® work –––

"In the late '60's, with his bare hands Dave actually filled boxes of stolen grapes
from some rancher's vineyard, then using his bare feet, crushed them for my first vintage,
then using his bare hands, created the label for the bottles! Later, my wines were served
at the White House.  It's crazy, and the stone truth!"
Martin Van der Kamp -  Vintner Extraordinaré

What's up?

Photo: Daughter / River Wilder


"Dave, the Force is with you very STRONGLY!"
Mark Hamill -  Star Wars

For two decades this site has been devoted specifically to the presentation of Dave Archer's space art on glass. Now, the site is expanding in every direction of the artists creative interest, showing other  types of his art, plus, adding archival photographs over his
life and career.

As a boy in the 40's Archer spent hours at his bedroom desk, writing stories on an antique typewriter. Everyone said he should be a writer, so, naturally, he became a painter. A painter who loved to write.  Click above to read some of his writings.

" Easily one of the most interesting
and funniest people I've ever known. 
Dave Archer is simply a genius".
Billy Goodman, Bluesman

The artist recently completed ten years work on whimsical, absurd, and somewhat scatalogical sculptures. See Dave Archer Art Store to find current pieces for sale.  We will be adding other sculptures, oils, drawings as time and impulse allows.

For those of you who might be new to Archer's high voltage space-art, some words for you concerning that ongoing obsession. Known as "reverse glass," or "verso" painting, these works are partially accomplished using millions of volts of electricity as a "paint brush". Begun in 1970, as a joint endeavor with artist friend  Ron Russell, glass painting remains Archer's most well known work. Russell was his teacher of verso  painting, plus, as Dave says, "one of the finest friends I have ever had". You can read about their humble beginnings in Sonoma County here: A Story All Its Own.

––– Archer sez: " I never thought I looked like Geppetto
from Pinocchio until  the phone rang one Sunday morning.
It was my best  friend Juila's mother,  Rita Whitely,
calling from Palm Beach to say I was in the comics
section of the paper in Believe It Or Not!"  
Click here to see Archer's cartoon visage in:
 Ripley's Believe It Or Not

"Here's to Coffee and mostly Confusion. North Beach was an
alternate universe and you were the Beat Wizard! Sail on ... !"

Butch Waller, High Country

––– Click here for list of forty years of Archer shows: 

Gallery And Museum Shows


Japanese illustration from "Quark Magazine"

"I guess fate or destiny brought us together so 
many years ago. I think of you as the modern day 
Michelangelo  and Archimedes combined. Both of them 
understood the science and art of symmetry, geometry and the 
universe and mathematics. They also knew that electrical discharge 
was an integral part of the 'Spark of Life'. You have succeeded 
in bringing all  that to this world in your masterful artworks" 
Bill Wysock - Tesla Technology

The artist's Electric Machines and painting techniques are unique in the world, as invented and inovated by Dave, with each electric coil designed, and fabricated by world renowned electrical engineering genius Bill Wysock  of Tesla Technology and Hollywood special effects fame. Mr. Wysock was the protogé of Ken Strickfadden, the Hollywood electrical genius who gave us fantastic electrical effects from the original Frankenstein movie, through a brilliant career ending with Mel Brooks' Young Frankenstein.  Working with hand-held wands, Archer manipulates high voltage arcs --- from a few inches in length to nine feet --- using that raw power to influence wet paints on sheets of glass, thus achieving space-cloud impressions that Apollo astronauts have followed over two three decades. Later, planets, comets, etc., are completed by hand, using dozens of both common and invented art techniques.

"We are finally beginning to get the big picture 
and you seem to have gotten there before most".
Rusty Schweickart - Apollo 9 Astronaut

Click below to view some of Dave's
 favorite career glass paintings
In private collections worldwide
Space Art Archive

©1986 Dave Archer - 21" x 60" - "Herobot Steps Out"

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Dave's Story of first meeting Johnny Powell

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"In North Beach in the 60's I called Dave, 'Bellbottom.'
He was the first beatnik to wear bellbottom hiphuggers. After
Dave, everybody was wearing them, Well, I never did."
Dan Hicks - and the Hot Licks


"I knew him as David Nelson in North Beach in the

60's. He was the doorman at Coffee and Confusion
I know he looks like Quasimodo now, but my god back then
he was so gorgeous girls, and boys too, used to trail after
him down the street like a pack of lost house pets. I mean
every where he went, it was amazing".
Gaylord Alexander - Maitre'd (Coffee and Confusion)

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Dave with Grace Slick at a benefit
in Archer's studio called:

"Thank you for being there when I got there.
You are one of the funniest artists I've ever known!"
Grace Slick

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